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Pacific Boat Trailers stocks OEM factory replacement EZ-Loader Parts for your roller or bunk style EZ-Loader Boat Trailer.
We offer
EZ-Loader axles, boat trailer rollers, bunk hardware and brackets for your EZ Loader.  All the accessories as well, hog rings, bushings, poly slides and more!

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Center Bushing for C-Hook Style Equalizer Bar C-250-80

This molded sleeve bushing is used with the galvanized c-hook equalizer bar #C-250-031579-10. Includes steel sleeve inside molded bushing with a 5/8" center hole diameter.

5/8" x 4 1/2" Center Bolt w/Nut for C-Hook Style Equalizer Bar #290-001669

This 5/8" diameter center bolt is for use with the center bushing that is required for the Galvanized equalizer bar.  5/8" nylon lock nut included.

Steel Leaf Spring Bushing 9/16" ID x 3/4" OD x 2" Long

Steel spring bushing for use with nylon spring bushing with a 1" OD.  Commonly found on EZ-Loader Trailers and other makes that require a nylon and steel spring bushing.

Equalizer Bar for use with C-Hook Style Leaf Springs #C-250-031579-10

This trailer suspension equalizer bar is commonly found on EZ-Loader Boat Trailers.  Galvanized finish provides excellent corrosion protection in harsh marine environments.  Bolt holes are 9/16" in diameter and are on 7" centers.

EZ-Loader Trailer Ribbed Wobble Roller, 1 1/4" I.D. #250-071209

Dual density roller provides a hard center core to reduce deforming under heavy loads, and a soft outer layer to cushion your hull. Now in "NEW" non-marking gray color.

EZ-LOADER Hog Ring, Roller Arm Clamp #290-002650-02

This hog ring fastener is used in all applications of roller assemblies to help retain the rollers to the aluminum arm. (not used in keel or winch stand rollers)

EZ-LOADER Poly Glide for Roller Arms #250-021769

This poly glide fits under the aluminum rocker assembly on pivoting roller assemblies. Provides smooth left right movement of the assemblies.

EZ-LOADER 18" Roller Assembly Arm, LF/RR #250-015747

Cast aluminum roller assembly arm for Left Front or Right Rear

EZ-LOADER 18" Roller Assembly Arm, RF/LR #250-015748

Cast aluminum roller assembly arm for Right Front or Left Rear

EZ-LOADER Roller Assy. Rocker Plate #250-010794-10

6-7/8" long x 2-3/4" wide galvanized wobble roller rocker plate.

EZ-LOADER Quad/Mulit Roller Mounting Strap #250-015629

Attaches quad assembly to pivot bar.

EZ-LOADER Double Roller Arm 14 1/2" #250-010431-01

This aluminum roller arm is for use with 'multiple" roll systems. Will hold 2 rollers, one on each end. Attaches in the center to an aluminum arm. Ends are pre-drilled to accept hog ring fasteners. (hog ring fasteners #290-002650-02 sold separately).

EZ-LOADER Double Roller Arm Assembly with Mount #300-022101

This roll assembly is used on light duty roller trailers such as the EZR 12-14 1225 and EZR 14-17 1525.  Includes a 12" arm and galvanized base.  Attaching bolts required.

EZ-LOADER Wobble Roller Bushing #R24968

3/4" I.D. x 1-5/16" O.D. x 1-1/8" long.
EZ-Loader# R24968

EZ-LOADER Wobble Roller Bushing #R13492

1" I.D. x 1-1/4" O.D. x 1-1/8" long.
EZ-Loader# R13492

EZ-LOADER Roller Washer 1" I.D. #290-01349

1" I.D. x 2" O.D. wobble roller washer.

EZ-LOADER Roller Washer 5/8" I.D. #290-022947

5/8" I.D. x 2" O.D. wobble roller washer.