Boat Buddy by KODIAK, for boats over 21' #BB2

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Boat Buddy by KODIAK, for boats over 21' #BB2

Kodiak Trailer Components Boat Buddy II, 1/2" bow eye - #BB2

The KODIAK Boat Buddy automatically secures your boat to your trailers winch post.  Now you can replace your standard bow roller or V-block with this automatic system.  As you drive your boat onto the trailer, the bow eye will connect with the boat buddy.  This triggers a spring loaded stainless steel bolt that shoots through the bow eye, securing your boat to the trailer.


  • Secures most boats over 21' in length
    • Bow eye U-Bolt diameter: 1/2"
    • 5000lb. capacity
  • easily secure your boat to the trailer when loading at the ramp
  • Boat Buddy can replace an existing 3" - 4" roller or V-block
  • Includes Boat Buddy I, (1) zinc plated steel bolt with locknut, (2) washers, (4) spacers and (1) 1/2" bow eye
  • Limited 3-year warranty

BB-2 KODIAK Boat Buddy II for boats 21' and over

Manufacturer Part Number: BB2
Stock # KODBB2
Price: $84.95
Boat Buddy by KODIAK, for boats over 21 #BB2
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Submitted by Stewpro on
This is an awesome product ! Mastercraft Boats has been using this on their trailers sense 1989 and believe me it rocks ! You need to go look at a Mastercraft boat and trailer set-up and really evaluate the angles and distances implemented to get yours right and once you do it is absolutely flawless !I have seen other reviews that don't rate it as high but I would bet they didn't take the time to set it up correctly, like I said just look at how Mastercraft set theirs up and you will be happy !If you are borderline on the boat size pop for the larger of the two also you won't be sorry ! Good Product , second one,first one lasted 17 years !!