UFP Top Lockout Upgrade, (Brake Lockout Cap) #34359

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UFP Top Lockout Upgrade, (Brake Lockout Cap) #34359

UFP Top Lockout Upgrade Cap #34359

This lockout option allows trailers to be backed up over soft ground or up inclines without fully engaging the brakes.  The lockout is designed to dis-engage when the trailer is pulled forward after backing up.  Therefore it must be manually reset prior to each time you back up your trailer.

  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Easily installs and replaces the existing plastic outer member cap
  • Quick clockwise turn of the cap dis-engages brakes, keeping actuator from surging
  • Works with UFP Brake Actuators
  • #32 on UFP Parts List Schematic

34359 UFP Top Lockout Upgrade Cap for A-60 series brake actuators.
Trailer Buddy Products by UFP Brake Top Lockout Upgrade cap

Manufacturer Part Number: 34359
Stock # UFP34359
Price: $10.95
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UFP Top Lockout Upgrade, (Brake Lockout Cap) #34359
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A-60 Lockout Upgrade Cap

Operating the Brake Lockout Cap

  1. To operate lockout cap, the actuator must be fully extended.  This can be done by pulling the trailer forward slowly.
  2. With the lockout cap in the TOW (forward) position, depress the button in the front of the cap and rotate the cap clockwise toward the BACKING position until it stops.  The button should remain down.
  3. Back the trailer.
  4. If the trailer needs to be pulled forward, there are two options:
    a) Pull the trailer forward and let the coupler move forward.  The control cap will rotate (reset) and you will have to turn it back to the BACKING position in order to back up.
    b) If you have backed up an incline, allow the tow vehicle to move forward slowly so the coupler stays back. This keeps the control in the engaged (BACKING) position so you can back up again.

Remove Brake Lockout Cap

  1. Make sure the coupler is moved all the way forward.
  2. With the cap in the TOW position, press the button and rotate the cap counterclockwise toward the REMOVE position until it stops.
  3. Lift the cap up to remove it and gain access to the master cylinder reservoir.

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Can't beat the price
Submitted by Adam on
I have had these stolen off my trailer several times at the launch ramp, so I am usually in the market for one every year! Shipping and pricing was very fair.. thank you...