Breakaway Safety Cable Assembly for UFP Actuators #32264

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Breakaway Safety Cable Assembly for UFP Actuators #32264

Replacement Breakaway Safety Cable Assembly for UFP DIsc and Drum Brake Actuators  #32264

This Zinc Plated Replacement  UFP breakaway cable assembly secures to the bumper or frame of your  tow vehicle as close to center as possible (do not attach to safety chains).  Designed to engage your trailers brakes in the event the coupler detaches from the tow vehicle.
Note: Includes new cable attachment plate.

  • UFP's exclusive breakaway cable design is unobtrusive, located at the front of the actuator, the optimum position.
  • Includes cable attachment plate
  • When set a visual indicator warns the operator
  • Cable can be easily reset when necessary
  • Works with UFP Hydraulic Brake Actuators
  • Zinc Plated for corrosion resistance
  • Effective length 17"

32264 UFP replacement breakaway cable for UFP A-60 series brake actuators.
Trailer Buddy Products by UFP makers of  UFP Brake Actuator Replacement Parts

Manufacturer Part Number: 32264
Stock # UFP32264
Price: $11.85
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Breakaway Safety Cable Assembly for UFP Actuators #32264
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Breakaway Cable Info and Instructions

Brake actuators must have a way to apply the trailer brakes should the trailer become completely
detached from the towing vehicle. The UFP breakaway cable is the third line of defense after trailer
separation. Before the breakaway cable is pulled, the coupler must become detached from the hitch ball and then the safety chains must fail. At this time the breakaway cable is pulled which will apply a braking force to the trailer.

Never tow a trailer without the breakaway cable secured to the tow vehicle. If the breakaway is accidentally pulled and the brakes applied, find out why this happened and fix the problem. Inadvertent setting of the brakes by pulling the breakaway cable is the single most common mistake users make. To prevent light pulls from accidentally setting trailer brakes, a small metal clip has been installed on breakaway cable in front of the indicator bead (A-60 & A-75 only). The clip will not inhibit the action of the breakaway mechanism during actual breakaway conditions. However, if breakaway should occur the clip will be destroyed and should be replaced. Spare clips are attached to the cover of this manual.

To retract the breakaway cable, slide the coupler fully forward and push up on the pushrod release bracket located on the underside and behind the hitch ball socket to allow the bead to retract into the actuator. This will release the trailer brakes. Install new
clip on breakaway cable in front of bead.



If pushing up on the bracket dose not release the brakes or if it is hard to push, insert a pry bar into the 5/16” hole behind the bracket. Use pry bar to stroke push rod backwards to relieve load on bracket. Push up on bracket and hold up while releasing pry bar. The pushrod release bracket should now move freely and brakes should be released.

Check to see if the actuator is reset. Extend the actuator fully. Remove the cap from the
top of the actuator and pull the plug from top of the reservoir cover. While looking at
fluid in the reservoir, manually compress actuator. In the first 1/8” of coupler movement
the fluid in the reservoir should “splash” or “ripple” slightly. If it does, the actuator is
working properly.

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