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Trailer Buddy Hub Oil (1 Quart) UFP #07032

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Trailer Buddy Hub Oil (1 Quart) UFP #07032

This proprietary blend of 50W oil is designed to provide long-term superior lubrication for boat trailer roller bearings.  It is formulated from highly refined, stable, high-viscosity-index base oils, fortified with molybdenum and water-repelling additives for superior anti-wear, anti-foam, and rust protection.

  • 1 Quart (32 fl oz)
  • Formulated by UFP, the patent holder and world's largest manufacturer of oil-filled boat trailer hubs.
  • For use on all manufacturers oil-filled hub systems
  • For use with the "GOLD" style Trailer Buddy hubs
  • Easy fill cap not included
  • Part # 088-014-00