FULTON F2 Twin Track Trailer Jack, Bolt-On 1600lb. #1413020134

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Fulton F2 Dual Wheel Trailer Jack #1413020134

This corrosion-resistant, matintenance free trailer jack is made for marine, recreational and utility trailers.  The Fulton F2 Trailer Jacks feature an all aluminum alloy construction with adjustable mount and swivel system.  The twin-track wheels roll independently for easy maneuverability


  • Adjustable swivel mount for ease of use
    • Allows for adjustability to any height for mounting
    • Integrated easy to use pull pin
  • Maintenance free aluminum alloy construction
    • Completely sealed and lubricated gearbox
    • Anodized alloy aluminum finish on inner and outer tubes prevents rust
  • Twin-track wheels roll independently for easy maneuverability
  • Wide wheel base allows for increased stability
  • Sidewind handle is made of strong plastic for durability and ease of use
  • Mounting bracket and hardware are included
  • Sleek styling, the F2 jack is perfect for any application.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • This Jack has a 1600lb. lift capacity and fits up to 3" x 4" tongues
  • 10" of lift height (screw travel)
  • 8" of bracket height adjustment (mount travel)
  • 9/16" diameter pull pin
  • 7" diameter wheels

1413020134 Fulton F2 Twin Track, Dual wheel Trailer Jack twin track with dual wheels