Zinc Plated Grade C Stover Top Lock Nuts

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Prevailing torque top lock nuts (Stover nuts)

Stover Lock nuts have uniquely shaped threads that provide a vibration resistant friction fit, so the nut stays put. These all metal locknuts withstand higher temperatures than nylon insert locknuts. Top thread section is deformed to create two or three locking zones.  They start easily by hand, then must be wrenched into final position. Grade C equivalent to Grade 8. IFI-100/107 Grade C. ANSI B1.1 UNC or UNF Class 2B thread requirement.  Zinc plating, retards the corrosion rate in a normal atmosphere.  Lock washers are not used with stover nuts

Stover lock nuts are also called:
automation lock nuts, Autolock nuts, Crownlock nuts, Unitorque nuts, prevailing torque lock nuts