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6" Tri-Angular Equalizer Rocker Bar #T-EQ-310

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Tri-Angular Equalizer Bar for Trailer Leaf Springs (1 3/4" wide) EQ-310 - 13-10

6" Long triangular equalizer rocker bar connects double eye leaf springs on tandem or triple axle trailers.  Equalizers transfer impact between the axles to make for and evenly distributed load. This equalizer is widely used in the RV and mobile hom industry.


  • Connects double-eye springs on tandem or triple axle trailers
    • Springs attach to ends of equalizer with shackle straps (sold separately)
    • Equalizer is suspended from center hanger (sold separately)
  • equalizer will transfer load from one axle to another
    • Results in smooth ride for trailer
  • common in the RV and mobile-home industry
  • Fits: 1-3/4" wide springs with 9/16" holes
  • Center bolt hole diameter: 9/16"
  • Left and right bolt hole diameter: 9/16"

EQ-310 082600 Triangular equalizer bar for use with trailer leaf springs
Redline 13-10, TRP EQ-310, EQ-103