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Boat Trailer Cross-Member Bump Pad for 1.41" wide C-Channel Steel #NSC312B


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Polyurethane Trailer Bump Pad protects your boat while launching and loading #NSC312B

Used on structual steel c-channel trailers to protect your boat from coming in contact with the cross-member.  Covers 1.41" wide trailer cross-members.  Easily attaches with screws, bolts or adhesive.


  • Non-Marking Polyurethane, Will Not Mark the Boats Hull
  • Attaches easily with Screws/Bolts or adhesive
  • Designed to fit C-channel steel
  • 12" Length by 1.41" Inside Diameter Width (2.18" OD)
  • Typically for use with 3" Tall C-Channel

Non-marking trailer keel bump pad for c-channel steel trailer cross-members