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Brake Rite-II RF Electric/Hydraulic Brake Actuator-Kit #4835600

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Titan Brake-Rite II RF Radio Frequency Brake Actuator Kit #4835600

The Brake-Rite II RF Radio Frequency system incorporates the latest in deceleration sensing by utilizing an accelerometer chip in the hybrid circuitry to apply the trailer brakes in proportion to the tow vehicle braking. The in-cab controller manual override is transmitted by RF (radio frequency) to the control module mounted on the trailer. This controller is programmable with the control module and is powered by the in-cab power outlet (cigarette lighter).


  • Radio Frequency, RF communication works with vehicles without in-cab brake controllers
  • Ideal for rental fleet trailers or trailers used with several tow vehicles
  • Included in-cab controller has manual override option
  • Radio signal is transmitted by radio frequency to control module
  • Unit plugs directly into any standard cigarette lighter
  • Utilizes basic EHB electro-mechanical feature proven in field use.
  • Has potted hybrid circuitry which functions even in severe environmental conditions
  • Plug-in technology provides for ease of installation and field service.
  • Has same technology as new proportional brake controls

Kit Includes:

4834100 BrakeRite II
4835100 RF Control Module
4835500 RF Wiring Harness
4835200 RF In-Cab Controller
4834400 BrakeRite II Breakaway Battery Harness
4834500 BrakeRite II Breakaway Battery Switch

4835600 Titan Brake-Rite II RF Radio Frequency Disc Brake Actuator Kit