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Breakaway Safety Cable Assembly for UFP Actuators #32264

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Replacement Breakaway Safety Cable Assembly for UFP DIsc and Drum Brake Actuators  #32264

This Zinc Plated Replacement  UFP breakaway cable assembly secures to the bumper or frame of your  tow vehicle as close to center as possible (do not attach to safety chains).  Designed to engage your trailers brakes in the event the coupler detaches from the tow vehicle.
Note: Includes new cable attachment plate.

  • UFP's exclusive breakaway cable design is unobtrusive, located at the front of the actuator, the optimum position.
  • Includes cable attachment plate
  • When set a visual indicator warns the operator
  • Cable can be easily reset when necessary
  • Works with UFP Hydraulic Brake Actuators
  • Zinc Plated for corrosion resistance
  • Effective length 17"

32264 UFP replacement breakaway cable for UFP A-60 series brake actuators.
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