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High Output Breakaway Kit for Electric/Hydraulic Actuators. #4822100

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Breakaway Kit for Electric over Hydraulic Brake Actuators. #4822100

Designed for use with Titan's BrakeRite EHB or BrakeRite II systems, this gel cell kit includes (2) 5-amp-hour batteries to be connected in parallel with the included breakaway switch for a simple, effective breakaway system.


  • Gel cell kit provides simple, effective breakaway system for your trailer
  • Designed for use with Titan BrakeRite EHB or BrakeRite II actuators
  • Breakaway switch ensures that trailer brakes are applied if trailer becomes disconnected from tow vehicle
  • (2) 5-Amp-hour batteries connect in parallel for minimum required power
  • Titan Part #4822100