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UFP Electric Reverse Solenoid Valve w/Fittings #34500

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Trailer Buddy Electric Reverse Solenoid Valve with Fittings #34500

Necessary for disc brake use, This electronically activated reversing solenoid prevents hydraulic pressure buildup whenever the tow vehicle is shifted into reverse.  Brake Fluid is routed back to the actuators master cylinder reservoir, no line pressure builds up and the trailer can easily be backed up.  The electrical lead from the solenoid valve (usually a blue wire) must be connected to the tow vehicles back-up lights.  A "click" should be heard when the tow vehicle is shifted into reverse and the back-up lights come on.  This solenoid valve is fail-safe.  That is, it will not open if it were to malfunction so the user will always have brakes when towing forward.

  • controlled by the tow vehicles back-up light circuit
  • installs easily into the UFP Disc Brake Master Cylinder #34762
  • works with hydraulic surge type actuators
  • closes when activated to prevent fluid from reaching brakes
  • Requires 5-pole flat, 6-way round or 7-pole wiring harness for connection
  • Includes inlet and outlet fittings
  • #27 on UFP Parts List Schematic Drawing

34500 UFP Electric Reverse Solenoid valve with fittings
Trailer Buddy Products by UFP Electric Reverse Solenoid Valve with Fittings #34500