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UFP Shock Absorber for A-60 Series Actuators #32306

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UFP Shock Absorber for A-60 Series Actuators #32306

This Replacement UFP shock absorber controls the random application of the trailer brakes when towing on rough roads.  It also ensures smooth operation of the trailers hydraulic brake system when applied and released.  When replacing your shock absorber, consider replacing the shock absorber busing #34301 as well.

Note: Actuator Model A-160 requires 2 shock absorbers

  • Controls application of trailers brakes when on rough roads
  • Regulates the smooth operation of hydraulic brakes
  • Works with all UFP Disc and Drum Brake Actuators
  • #11 on UFP Parts List Schematic

32306 UFP shock absorber for hydraulic disc and drum brake actuators

Trailer Buddy Products by UFP makers of the Damper Shock Absorber #32306

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