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UFP Top Lockout Upgrade, (Brake Lockout Cap) #34359

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UFP Top Lockout Upgrade Cap #34359

This lockout option allows trailers to be backed up over soft ground or up inclines without fully engaging the brakes.  The lockout is designed to dis-engage when the trailer is pulled forward after backing up.  Therefore it must be manually reset prior to each time you back up your trailer.

  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Easily installs and replaces the existing plastic outer member cap
  • Quick clockwise turn of the cap dis-engages brakes, keeping actuator from surging
  • Works with UFP Brake Actuators
  • #32 on UFP Parts List Schematic

34359 UFP Top Lockout Upgrade Cap for A-60 series brake actuators.
Trailer Buddy Products by UFP Brake Top Lockout Upgrade cap

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