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Stainless Steel Spindle Sleeve for 1 3/8" Trailer Spindles #33522

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Stainless Steel Spindle Sleeve for 1 3/8" Trailer Spindles #33522

This stainless steel sleeve provides a smooth surface for the grease seal to ride on.  Grease Seals will last many years because they ride on a permanently smooth, corrosion-proof surface.


  • Spindle Sleeve for 3,500 lb. Trailer Axles
  • Maintains a smoothly operating grease seal system
    • Reduces grease leakage caused by rough seal surfaces
    • Increases grease seal life by minimizing wear and tear
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Fits most 3,500 lb. trailer axles with a 1 3/8" Inside Diameter
  • 168255 grease seal required
  • Dimensions:
    • Inner diameter: 1.60"
    • Outer diameter: 1.676"

Customer Reviews

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Trailer axle seal wear rings/sleeves.

These were so hard to find and when I did find them listed everyone was out of stock or wanted crazy money for them. Pacific Trailers did have them stocked and the price was literally a tenth of what others were charging for them. I ordered double what was needed for future spares and incase I screwed some up on installation. To remove the old worn sleeves I heated them up with a Mapp Gas torch and tapped them off after giving them a spin or two with a large set of water pump pliers. I cleaned the surfaces with emery cloth and installed the new stainless steel wear rings using the two old bearings as the press tool along with a piece of pipe. I gingerly tapped them on to get them started (the sleeve does have a slight flare on the leading edge to assist in starting). Once started I used a hand sledge to the pipe bearings combination to drive them home. They are a tight fit and on the first one I heated the stainless ring to assist installation. On the second one I did not use the heat as I was more confident and could see that once they were started they were robust enough to handle the impact force necessary to install without collapsing. Product was excellent as was the speedy shipping and pricing. will definitely be doing more business here.

Stainless Steel Spindle Sleeve for 1 3/8" Trailer Spindles #33522

Exact OEM replacement. Fast shipping and good quality part.

Pacific Trailer saved my Vacation!

I was having a hard time getting these bearing seal sleeves from anywhere. I had ordered some from another source two weeks out and they were on backorder. I called Pacific Trailer and they said they would put them in the mail that afternoon. I got them in Connecticut in two days for minimal shipping cost because of their extra effort. These are not a high dollar item but they made the effort anyway to help me out. That tells you something right there.
I installed them on Friday and was fishing Saturday morning. I was able to use the boat all week with no worries of a blown wheel bearing.
Thank You Pacific Trailer.

spindle sleeve installation

Delivery time was Good.
I think that this is a tricky part to install.
1. I could have been prescribed an installing tool to help apply it to the spindle. You could even sell one.
2. Information on heating it up before application would be good. Whether to heat it or not. (Could it get red hot with a torch to help it mold over the spindle?)
2A. I was also trying to keep the axle/spindle cool with cold pack resting on it.
3. I'm glad that I bought 2, because I ruined the first one. If I ever have to replace one again I will buy 3 or 4.
4, Using part of an old 1 3/8 bearing proved necessary, to pound against it.
5. I got it on and it is holding grease!

Came quick and as expected. Reasonably priced.

I will order again!


Fast service. Great price on the parts.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit


Great price great service and customer service is outstanding

Pacific has hard to find items available on the Internet

Pacific trailer has great service and hard to find items that can e found with reasonably fast shipping since I live on the other coast.

Exact replacement

Exact replacement for my Trailer Buddy hubs