Kodiak Ceramic Disc Brake Pads, 3500-6000lbs. #DBC-225-CERM-PAD


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Kodiak Disc Brake Pads 10"-12", 3500-6000lb. Axles.

The most durable, highest-performing type of brake pads available, ceramic pads are able to withstand high temperatures, maintaining their strength and integrity for longer than either NAO or semi-metallic models. Great for salt water applications.


  • Provides superior performance for more consistent braking
  • Withstands high temps without becoming malleable or worn
  • Designed to resist corrosion
  • Carbon ceramic withstands 196-hour salt-spray test
  • Backing plate is double-coated in polyurethane
  • Produces less dust than NAO or semi-metallic models
  • Last up to twice as long as traditional, organic pads
  • Replaces pads for 1 axle

Kodiak 225 trailer brake pads #DBC-225-CERM-PAD