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Trailer Buddy Model DB-42 Disc Brake Caliper #36020

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Trailer Buddy Model DB-42 Disc Brake Caliper #36020 UFP (Unique Functional Products) #36020

This DB-42 Replacement Caliper is for trailers equipped with DB-42 Disc Brakes only and should only be used as a direct replacement. UFP DB-42 Disc Brake Caliper Assembly for use with UFP Trailer Buddy Trailer Axles. Will fit either left or right side (bleeder screw in top position when mounted)
UFP #36020

This caliper does not include brake pads, spring clips or retainer wires. 2 pads, 2 spring clips and 1 retainer wire are necessary to complete installation. Order separately below if needed.

If you are replacing your existing DB-42 Brake System (calipers and rotors) UFP recommends the newer DB-35 system as a direct replacement.