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UFP DB-35 Complete Disc Brake Kit w/A-75 Actuator & Reverse Solenoid, 3500lb. Axle


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UFP (Unique Functional Products) Single Axle Disc Brake Kit.  This is a complete kit with all the necessary parts you will need.
Kit Includes:

  • UFP A-75 Hydraulic Disc Brake Actuator w/reverse solenoid (Bolt on-7500lb. capacity)
  • 2 ALUMINUM DB-35 Disc Brake Calipers loaded with Pads (includes mounting bolts)
  • 2 Zinc Plated DB-35 Vented Rotors (5-Lug on 4.5 bolt circle, 3750lb. capacity)
  • Thermo-Plastic Brake Line kit (1-20' line and 1-80" axle line, 1, 17" line, 1,axle Tee included.
  • Bearings, Seals, Lug Nuts & Buddy Bearings

Use a High-Temp. Marine Bearing Grease while operating disc brakes.