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UFP DB-35 Organic Disc Brake Pads (One Wheel Set) #33008/9

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UFP Organic Disc Brake Pads for DB-35 Disc Brake Calipers 33008, 33009

Organic, UFP Trailer DIsc Brake Pad set for use with DB-35 Disc Brake Calipers.  Durable, long lasting organic brake pads are able to withstand high temperatures, maintaining their strength and integrity for longer than either NAO or semi-metallic models. Great for marine and salt water applications.

  • Provide superior performance for more consistent braking
  • Withstand high temperatures without becoming malleable or worn
  • Resists corrosion
  • Trailer brake pad set includes 1-Inner Pads #33009 and 1-outer pads #33008. Replacement pads for 1-caliper.

NOTE: 33008, 33009 UFP DB-35 Disc Brake Pads must be replaced when 3/32" (.094) or less of the pad friction material is left.

PRODUCT BULLETIN:  The clip on the inner pad (# 33009) is NOT required for proper braking function.  Depending on stock and suppliers, pads may or may not come with this clip.  Testing has determined the pad clip to be unnecessary.   
Pads are interchangeable (inner and outer).